Hollow Tining & Coring

At ALS, They're authorities in sports turf renovation and one of the key aspects to managing the proper turf is hollow tining. Mostly known for getting used on golfing greens, but is employed for football pitches and bowling greens at the same time, hollow tining is just one kind of aeration.

Often known as hollow coring, greenkeepers hollow tine golf courses (and many more sports pitches) to aerate the grass. The method entails using hollow tines on the equipment to make little holes within the turf, the 'cores' are removed and collected. When all of the turf is hollow tined, greenkeepers then brush sand into each of the holes, referred to as topdressing. This service can help sustain a top-quality all-natural grass turf for every playing period.

Hollow tining encourages healthy grass roots, can help in decompaction, eliminates thatch, enhances soil construction, and aids water movement. As you'll be able to see, there are plenty of Rewards to hollow tining your get more info greens.

ALS also complete verti draining, A further kind of aeration that uses solid tines in lieu of hollow ones, so no cores are removed. The kind you choose will rely upon your sports pitch and your specifications.

Aeration is A necessary Section of turf routine maintenance for all greenkeepers and groundsmen. It is commonly recognised as the most important task carried out on purely natural grass turf.

You ought to be carrying out aeration 2 times a calendar year, ready for each playing period. Consistent aeration will ensure the turf is healthier and recovers from compaction more quickly. sports turf is consistently played on, especially if it's applied competitively, it's continually suffering from numerous players' footsteps.

For anyone who is considering hollow tining your greens, then ALS Contracts is the greatest corporation to connect with. They've been operating in this particular industry for over 30 years, gathering expert understanding, practical experience and an excellent customer-retention level. Call them now.

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